The Humble Warrior Yoga

Autumn Sunset: Sound bath, yoga and mindfulness walk
with Becky & Cadi

October 23 (Saturday)
at 4:00 pm

Class length
150 minutes

Sherwood Pines

spots left
Location: Sherwood Pines

Join myself and Cadi for the final time this year in the beautiful Sherwood Pines. As the leaves start to turn oranges and browns, and the sun starts to set, we'll be taking time in the forest to unwind and let go, just like the trees. 

The session will begin with a short mindfulness walk of no more than a couple of miles on the walking trails around Sherwood Pines. Cadi will lead you through a different way to walk, using your senses and your body to explore different sensations and relaxation techniques. 

After our walk, we'll gather under to trees to enjoy a short yoga practice consisting of super gentle movements in specific tension areas, before settling down to a sound bath with crystal healing bowls as the sun sets and the dusky air fills your lungs.

What is a sound bath?
Now, if you've never been to a sound bath, imagine lying down with your blankets and cushions, while someone plays music to you. We have crystal sound bowls, Tibetan sound bowls, chimes,  and various other instruments including voice. Sound baths, or sound meditations, immerse you in vibrations and sound. You can quite literally feel the sound around you as you lie back and relax, soaking in the vibrations from the various traditional instruments used.
Wait what? This all sounds a little bit hippy for me!? Not at all. There's a lot of science surrounding sound baths and they're growing in popularity right now due to their accessibility. Everything around us is energy and vibrations. The sound from the sound bath acts as a big magnet, drawing the happy endorphins from the brain and releasing them into the body. Expect to feel relaxed, calm, happy and floaty after this one hour class, no matter how stressed you are when you walk in! No previous yoga experience necessary, this is absolutely a class that everyone can indulge in. Stretches will be short, simple and practical, designed to put you into a relaxing state so you can just lie down and enjoy the sound bath which follows.

Please wear: 
  • Comfortable clothes for stretching
  • Layers (especially for the sound bath)
  • Socks
  • Hat and scarf 
Please bring:
  • Outdoor blanket and cushion for sound healing
  • Yoga mat
  • Insect spray
  • Drinking water
Please note: these sessions are non-refundable once purchased, unless the event is cancelled by the organiser.


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